Our Services

Vantage ABT Services provides a full range of immigration solutions for corporate and individual clients in Malaysia. We offer services for the complete array of business immigration transaction, including:

Vantage ABT Services also provides a full range of establishing business and manufacturing concern services in Malaysia, including:

Consultation and Preparation of Application on Immigration Matters

  1. Employment Pass
    1. Category 1
      • Salary above RM5,000.00/month
    2. Category 2
      • Salary below RM5,000.00/month
      • Applicable to selected industries

  2. Dependant Pass

  3. Dependant Pass with Permission to Work
    * The immigration allows only the wife/husband to work in Malaysia

  4. Professional Visit Pass

  5. Professional Visit Pass - Visiting Lecturer

  6. Temporary Visit Work Pass

  7. Long Term Social Visit Pass (Spouse to Malaysian) / Permission to work

  8. Offshore Permit / Offshore Permit (Sabah/Sarawak)

  9. Student Pass (Dependant to Expatriate)

  10. Domestic Helper Pass Maid (Dependant to Expatriate)

  11. Transfer of Pass Endorsement to New Passport

  12. Cancellation of Pass

  13. Balance Period of Employment Pass Application

  14. Residence Pass Application

  15. Other

Application for Social & Business Visit Visa from Various Countries

Corporate Secretarial Services

  1. Incorporation of private limited company

  2. Maintaining and keeping of company statutory documents

Consultation, Assistant and Preparation of Documents for Licensing Application

  1. Manufacturing License (MIDA)

  2. Expatriate Post (MIDA)

    1. Key Post
    2. Key Post Endorsement Application (after approved)
    3. Term Post
    4. Term Post Endorsement Application (after approved)
    5. Temporary Post
    6. 3 months

  3. Pioneer Status (MIDA)

  4. Intensive Tax Allowed - ITA (MIDA)

  5. Application for Support Letter from Land Office

  6. Application for Business License (MBJB/MBJBT/MDK etc.)

  7. Application for Support Letter from Department of Occupational Health & Safety Department

  8. Application for Fire Department Approval

  9. Application for Support Letter from Department of Environment

  10. Wholesale Retail & Trade License

  11. Custom Department Matters (Service Tax License/Sales Tax License/License Manufacturing Warehouse)

  12. Halal License (JAKIM)

  13. CIDB

Application for Malaysia My Second Home Programme

Sponsored by Vantage ABT MM2H Sdn. Bhd.


  1. Passport Application

  2. Renewal Passport

  3. Visa Application for Various Country (Social / Business / Employment)

  4. Passport Add-Up Pages on Passport (eg. Indian Embassy, US Embassy)

  5. Translation

  6. Attestation & Certification of Certificates

  7. Philiphine Oversea Employment Agency (POEA)


  1. Certificate

  2. Married Certificate

  3. Birth Certificate

Ministry of Foreign Affair

  1. Certificate of Good Conduct

  2. Attestation of any documentation requested

Application to Various Agency

  1. Tourism

  2. Education

  3. Ministry of Health (MOH)

  4. Ministry of Transport

  5. DOSH
  6. Inland Revenue

Other Services

  1. All License